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The TourBuilder App

The Tour-Builder App is your answer to creating your own Guided Tour App. The most important facts are: it's FREE, and it's available in iOS or Android.

You can use it to record any kind of tour in any outdoor location. Of course the App records the route so that anyone using the Tour-Guide App (also FREE) can find and follow your tour. And of course it can remember hotspots (point of interest) along the way. And you can take a picture or record sound or video to go along with that hotspot. But you don't have to be restricted by your device; once you have captured the basics of the tour, you can upload more text, better pictures, video or audio. You can include links to webpages or attach PDF files. Step by Step Guide to using the App

What's the Point?

The App makes it quick and easy to share locaton based information. So if you want more visitors to your town/resort/hotel/club creating a tour (which they can discover on our website) is going to be very beneficial.

What's the Cost?

Of course we have to pay the talented programmers who created this App, so although the App is free, we will charge you to put your tours on our website. You pay
US dollars
) per year to create, edit and publish as many tours as you like on our site.

The tours you create will be provided to anyone at a download cost of

You can choose to profit from these tours by charging a value above that. More about that HERE

Or you can choose to provide these tours for Free by pre-paying the download fees. More about that HERE
TourBuilder is FREE. It runs on any Android device, all iPhones and iPads.

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