Create your own Tour App with Tour Builder I don't know much about Art … but at least I can find it with this new App!

Artist Trails

These are becoming more and more popular as Artists band together to publicise their work and their studios. Using our TourBuilder App you can easily record the route of the trail, and add information about the Artists and their work. It can be edited as Artists come and go. Art lovers simply download the App and follow the trail. You can include pictures of the work, interviews with the Artists … whatever you like.

Outdoor Exhibitions

Also of ever increasing popularity … the alfresco Sculpture exhibition. Fraught with deadlines for the organisers, getting the work photographed in-situ and then having the catalogue proofed and printed. Using the TourBuilder App, you can create an eGuide and Catalogue. Just walk around the site with your smart phone, photograph the works (with your smartphone), later you can add Artist's statements etc., or even interviews with the Artists. Visitors can be downloading the app in minutes. Mistakes can be corrected on the fly. All too easy. You can even charge them for the Catalogue if that is a requirement.

Gallery Walks

Birds of a feather … create galleries together. Get together with your local Art Dealers and create a walk that leads customers to your door.

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