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TourBuilder For Historians

Everyone has a hunger for History, but not everyone has the same tastes in how they want it served.

Using our TourBuilder App you can provide your local history knowledge in a form that is easily digestible to everyone. Using the App your audience can do the tour at their own pace, they can skip the parts where (lets face it) you are simply rambling on for too long, or they can play over and over again those tasty morsels that you have thrown in for their delight.

And unlike the ten commandments, your tour is not set in stone, you can refine it add to it and improve it in any way you see fit.

If it turns out that sharing your knowledge with the masses is not as rewarding as you might hope; you can always charge them for it and convert your hard earned knowledge into easily earnt cash!

Too lazy to walk the route and record the locations? Just our Heritage Trail service!

TourBuilder is FREE. It runs on any Android device, all iPhones and iPads.

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