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Stop playing Hide and Seek!
Sometimes finding a hide, or even a good place to hide, can be tricky. But using the TourBuilder App you and your fellow twitchers can home in on the exact location better than a Columba livia domestica! You can use the app to record the location (and way to get there) of hides, nesting areas or fabulous sightings. You can share this information (the guide) with a select few, or everyone on the planet. You can attach photo's or video or an audio track to each location and thoroughly bore others with your fantastic depth of knowledge. You can record changes to the colony or environment, by sending colleagues to the exact same spot to take photo's or record data over time. This App has wings, take it for a test flight today.

TourBuilder is FREE. It runs on any Android device, all iPhones and iPads.

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TourGuide is FREE and available for Android, iPhone and iPad. All of the tours are Free to download.

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