Create your own Tour App with Tour Builder
I found this amazing walk … but the track is quite hard to follow … share it with this new App!

Walking Tracks or Hiking Trails …

Whatever you like to call them generally it is fun to share, either record the route so that someone else can follow it, or they can see just how damn far you walked.

Obviously if you are part of a walking club this is an invaluable way to share your tracks.

Just download the App to your phone or tablet and take it on the walk. Don't be put off by the fact the App calls them "Tours" basically it is just route map with added extras. As you go add points of interest (hotspots) these can have associated text, photo's, audio or video.
View a simple example

It costs nothing to download the App and have a play. Then if you decide you want to share the it costs Nothing per year to publish as many Trails as you like and all downloads of that trail will be FREE. Get the App right now …

TourBuilder is FREE. It runs on any Android device, all iPhones and iPads.

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