I hate it when I spend a week at B's & then I decide to go back home bc I lay in bed thinking "wtf, why do u do this to yourself Jimena"

I hate it when I spend a week at B's & then I decide to go back home bc I lay in bed thinking "wtf, why do u do this to yourself Jimena"

Your selfie is a sign of you celebrating yourself. Everyone should do more of it.

Ems_EJSTYLE London
I have massive respect for the YouTubers of the world, you don't realise how much hard work it is until you do it yourself #NeedAYearLongNap

DO-IT-YOURSELF garage door jobs certainly are a huge no no.

_ginatapia Michoacán
@xosmang you got this ang , never give up . don't doubt yourself. YOU CANN DO IT!!! :)

rich and famous

HooGraham @whodat
@goldmountainsis @PaulineHansonOz And naturally you do but because of restrictive ideology just can't bring yourself to express it.

@HANburgers__ @Babyyy_Ruth Hannah do it yourself

YesViral Sacramento, CA
DIY (Do It Yourself) Fails from the Jukin Vault -

AnishasWorld London
Be genuine with it and you'll see all the difference. Can't do it without being true to yourself though

ASL: Do-It-Yourself Free Tax Preparation (Captions & Audio)

isabellaaljurdi Los Angeles, CA
It's hard to do what you know is right for yourself, especially when your heart on some other shit.

*takes screenshots of friends work* mom:why don't u do it yourself *takes picture of work and sends back* mom:and why that? me:teamwork

stephensmarva Florida, USA
Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. #Quote

Give it #Jesus you can't do it by yourself..

brzowskibruh Htx ↠ hawaii
Why is it so embarrassing for ppl to buy condoms? You're protecting yourself, that's the smart thing to do 😂

MellanieFx Singapore
If you trade Forex by yourself / invest money in any other form, it's always risky But my EA and me do it for you.

@TPSurvivors @pmm526 it's awful. Do you have a support system for yourself? Self care is going to be vital for all of us

You can pretend all you want. Even for a moment, it will hurt you more if you do. The pain of reality is all too strong to trick yourself.

cloudyhatesrain Los Angeles
If you cannot do it, you are just loving yourself.

gayphiIips eyeCONIC™
@jamespaxtonyo @ItsTylerYoung @USA_Network @CoteWrites she really does do a fantastic job portraying what it's like to have ptsd

SitiNornadia USM
It's hard to motivate yourself to do anything when you are all alone

NatalieReid San Francisco
@PauleyP If the pilot light is out, PG&E will light it for you. Maybe call an HVAC service, to be safe? Don't try to do it yourself.

@Dumptrumpusa1 If YOU DON'T TRY NOW, CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF IF U DO NOTHING! This has potential. Those of us who care WILL GO FOR IT!

Do girls ever like the random unsolicited beating meat videos y'all send , or do you guys do it for yourself? 😂

Ssbbw_Jessie Gryffindor
@Eugenia_Cooney Don't do it. It's a scam going on around the USA by people NOT in the USA.

CaniManah SA✈ UK
Do it. Do it for yourself

Do it for yourself, I'm just a leader who'll do anything to work for our group.

do it yourself sex machine

gfresh509 Earth
@kookyspooky1031 The white house will belongs to Mr. Trump for the next 4years just get over it you'll do yourself and your health a favor!
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